Narrated Aa`ishaah (radiallaahu ‘anhaa):


I was a young girl and did not have much knowledge of the Qur`aan. I said. ‘I know, by Allaah, that you have listened to what people are saying and that has been planted in your minds and you have taken it as a truth.

Now, if I told you that I am innocent and Allaah knows that I am innocent, you would not believe me and if I confessed to you falsely that I am guilty, and Allaah knows that I am innocent you would believe me.

By Allaah, I don’t compare my situation with you except to the situation of Joseph’s father (i.e. Jacob) who said,

‘So (for me) patience is most fitting against that which you assert

and it is Allaah (Alone) whose help can be sought.’


Then I turned to the other side of my bed hoping that Allaah would prove my innocence. By Allaah I never thought that Allaah would reveal Divine Inspiration in my case, as I considered myself too inferior to be talked of in the Holy Qur`aan. I had hoped that Allaah’s Apostle might have a dream in which Allaah would prove my innocence. By Allaah, Allaah’s Apostle had not got up and nobody had left the house before the Divine Inspiration came to Allaah’s Apostle. So, there overtook him the same state which used to overtake him, (when he used to have, on being inspired divinely). He was sweating so much so that the drops of the sweat were dropping like pearls though it was a (cold) wintry day. When that state of Allaah’s Apostle was over, he was smiling and the first word he said, ‘Aa`ishah! Thank Allaah, for Allaah has declared your innocence.’ My mother told me to go to Allaah’s Apostle . I replied, ‘By Allaah I will not go to him and will not thank but Allaah.’

Saheeh Bukhaaree Volume 3, Book 48, Number 829

And man was created weak.”


In regard to this verse, someone asked Imaam Sufyaan Ath-Thauree (rahimahullaah), ‘How is man weak?’ He said, “A woman walks by a man, and he cannot prevent himself from looking at her, although she does not benefit him at all. What can be weaker than that?

The Biography of Sufyaan Ath-Thauree (rahimahullaah)

There exists a tremendously corrupt ideology that women should not be taught how to read or write, except for the recitation of the Holy Qur’aan — but even then, they should not be permitted the ability to comprehend it. These individuals foolishly attempt to define and develop their argument by using a fabricated hadeeth that states: “Do not accommodate them (i.e. the woman), do not teach them how to write, but teach them how to spin the spindle and Suurat an-Nuur.” They also draped their conclusions with an ignorant rationale that “educating women leads to corrupting their manners. The woman who can neither read nor write are free from taking the evil paths of the human devils.”

In response to this, Shaykh Muhammad Taqiyyu ad-Deen Al-Hilaalee beautifully says:

“…Learning how to read and write will neither corrupt the woman nor make her pious. If she is pious already, then learning how to read and write will be an extra weapon for her. But, if her nurturing is already corrupted, then learning how to read and write will only increase her in corruption. This is because having the knowledge of reading and writing is a tool that can be used for good and for evil at the same time.

As for learning Suurat An-Nuur, it is one of the greatest things by which Allaah the Almighty disciplines the believing women. It is a great treasure, and a huge provision. It is upon the woman not to desert the whole Qur’aan and study just Suurat An-Nuur. The way of learning this Qur’aan is by learning how to read, and reading will not be beneficial except with the understanding of the meaning, and the meaning cannot be understood, except by learning the grammar, the conjugation and the language.

…We also agree with your saying that if a woman in this era of ours learns how to read, she will be acquainted with all kinds of evil by reading pornographic literature and immoral magazines. But, this evil reaches the ignorant woman, as well, by her going to the cinema, even if she is to sneak and go in the absence of her guardian. It also reaches her by means of radio, by her visitors and those she chats with. If the society is corrupted, the isolation of the isolator will not benefit him. Were you to annul your methodology of teaching women, reform it and exchange it with a complete methodology which guarantees for a woman an authentic education that would have been better than your total dismissal of their education.”

  • Abridged from: Educating the Women & Nurturing them, by Shaykh Muhammad Taqiyyu ad-Deen Al-Hilaalee

Ibn ul-Qayyim (rahimahullaah):

The noble woman prefers hunger rather than immorality. Resort to no one but your Lord, for resorting to others is a disgrace.”

Al-Fawaa’id, p77.

I find more beauty in things that come unexpected, unplanned. Things that come naturally. To have been constantly obsessed with a piece of clothing that behind it hides the art of splendor, Honour and patience. Conversely not being able to wrap yourself in it because of the many walls that deceive you thinking they could not be broken down – then finally waking up one morning and thinking, khalaas, surely I want Allaah to become my ears which hear, my eyes which see, and my hands which strike. Ah, dear niqaab, I am ready now.

We are born with the Fitraah, but trust in Him we must learn. He is our purpose on this earth. To be consciously aware of that, to implement it by means of obligatory and voluntary actions while seeking His Face, is the meaning of life. Let us build on that meaning. Because wallaah thumma wallaah, if we struggle to attain the power to Trust Him fully, the power to Fear Him at all times, He will open many a doors for us that will help us unto salvation. Regardless of the obstacles, hindrances, and calamities that may befall us, and regardless of the times we may break, but continuing to return to Him whilst falling apart, He will construct for us a much more beautiful form of ourselves.

To all those who want to wear the niqaab, stop waiting and just go for it. There isn’t time to second guess the life that awaits you. Nothing must weigh you down. If anybody comes between you and the things you love, politely ask them to move. If anybody comes between you and Allaah, do nothing but MOVE them. Indubitably, the road of life has its twists & turns and no two directions are ever the same. Therefore, let the niqaab be part of the many you give back to Him as a sign of gratitude. Let it be part of the lessons you learn and incorporate into your life.

Indeed, ladies who commit good deeds in this dunya will pass the hoor al ‘ayn fil akhiraah. And Allaah knows best.

Baas, yellaah, go make a gray day, pretty! =]


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