As most of you have already heard, our Ustaadh Dawud Burbank and his wife have passed away, Innaa lilaahi wa innaa ilayhi raji’oon. Our hearts are heavy with pain. This man, may Allaah have mercy on him, was one of the best du’aat there is and I praise none above or over Allaah. He defended the Sunnah, clarified it, devoted his time to it, by Allaah’s Permission he was the key to abundant good. He spent meticulous time translating and disseminating hundreds and hundreds of pages to beneficial books and articles, hand-written and otherwise. Many people could attest to the fact that they entered into Salafiyyah reading his books, Allaahu akbar. And Allaah knows best how much time he spared to further my understanding on certain topics. He was a humble and brilliant man, so we praise Allaah first and foremost that He granted him and his wife the death of shuhadhaa (due to the fire) while calling out ‘Labbayka Allaahumma Labbayk‘ and that He caused their janaazah to take place within the Haram where thousands thousands of Muslims prayed over them.

We praise Allaah for this blessing and mercy, and we further ask Allaah to grant them firm resolve during their questioning, to elevate their grade, forgive them their sins, and place them in His loftiest Gardens.

And may Allaah expiate their children’s sins, grant them beautiful patience, protect them for the rest of their lives, and grant them a living blessed with the joy of His protection and satisfaction, and make them a source of guidance.

May He grant them a relief from this calamity, a salvation from every predicament,  and protection from every affliction. We ask this of Him by His Mercy, O Lord of the Worlds, O Allaah, the Best Protector, O Allaah, the Best Exalter.

make du’aa for him, his wife (rahmatullahi ‘alayhum) and for his children.

further information on how you could donate to help their children can be found here:

begin or end your day with this good deed.

‘Abu Talha would remind us of Allah in his life, and now still reminds us of Allah with death. May Allah reward him & his wife with Jennah.’ – Bint Abee Musaa