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Let go these transient lands, my dear (brothers/sisters). For your fitrah and roots are only content with the lands to come. Hoist the horizons. And set sail. We are heading for a concealed pearl, wherein the lowest of its people will have a distance that would be traveled in a thousand years.


How you word your dreams changes how you approach them. Do not say ‘I want to do.’ Also do not say, ‘I will try to do.’


Say you will do (bi`ithnillaah) & leave no room for not wanting and not trying to justify why you didn’t.

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In the Name of Allaah, the Most Gracious, the Creator of All things Beautiful..

Alhamdulillaah, my new website is at:

I will be uploading new, beautiful, and beneficial articles there in shaa. Allaah,

so visit, subscribe here (or there) & enjoy the many simple, but magnificent

bits of scholarly pleasures

of life!

In the Name of Allaah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful…

May Allaah bless you all. I wanted to thank each and everyone of you for taking your time to either comment or (mostly) email me your advice and suggestions. I was exposed to thoughts which otherwise would probably remain dormant. Jazaakumullaahu khayr! I’m grateful and appreciative, alhamdulillaah.

Alhamdulillaah, upon further advice from my father, I have decided to launch a new website.

As aforementioned, it will mainly focus on original translations, articles, Arabic and class notes from either students of knowledge or mashayikh (in shaa’ Allaah).

I will maintain for transcribed benefits, but I will provide a direct link to my new website on daraGharbi and vice versa to make it easier for readers & subscribers.

Stay tuned. The benefits are beautiful, tabaarakallaah!

As-salaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullaah,

May Allaah grant you all success! Taqaballaahu minaa wa minkum jami’an.

I am in a tad dilemma at the moment and I would most kindly welcome and appreciate any suggestions you might have. These past few weeks I was in the process of working on launching a new website that will mainly focus on Islamic translations, articles, and class notes (in shaa’ Allaah). However, I am quite the amateur when it comes to diverting my attention to two separate websites, two twitter accounts and emails.

So question(s) I pose to you now is: Should I….

a) Keep & continue updating it with both transcribed & translated benefits;


b) Create a new website for translated benefits solely, and update with transcribed benefits?

If you could respond and let me know what your thoughts are, I’d thank you well as I could.

Baarak Allaahu feekum, wa billaahi tawfeeq.

Umm Sufyaan Fatimah

Imaam Hanbal says: “Nifaaq is disbelief…”

“It is important to understand that the munafiquun are the kufaar. It is important to understand this because you find too often individuals who will accuse others of being hypocrites, and say things like, “You are a munaafiq, etc.” This is a tremendously dangerous statement to say because saying such a thing is saying your brother is a kaafir. This is one. (Secondly), a person saying such a thing is as if he is claiming that he has knowledge of the unseen. This is because in order to say a person is a munaafiq, you have to know what is in his heart. You have to know that he is acting like a Muslim, but really doesn’t believe in Islaam. None of us has the ability to know these things. None of us. . .

So it is incumbent that we do not say the likes of these expressions. We (should not) go around calling our brothers and sisters hypocrites. We do not go around calling them hypocrites. But, what is more correct is if we find from them a characteristic that agrees with the characteristics of the hypocrites, like those whom the Prophet (salallaahu ‘alayhe wasallam) mentioned – for example, when they give a promise, they break it. So if we find from our brothers or sisters characteristics from the characteristics of the hypocrites like (the aforementioned), for example, then we can say: “Fear Allaah. You are acting like a hypocrite” or “You are doing like what the hypocrites do. Fear Allaah.” But (as for) calling them a hypocrite, then no – stay away from this. This is because nifaaq is kufr (disbelief)[1].”[2]


[1] Nifaaq, by Ustaadh Abu Abdis-Salaam Al-Juyaanee

[2] Transcribed by Umm Sufyaan Fatimah


Guard yourself against interrupting a speaker. . . Be patient. Your opportunity will arrive.



Spare others of your criticism.


May Allaah bless you.

Readers, subscribers, visitors, it has well-prevailed upon me to inform you that my website is no longer at Alas, someone decided to purchase my domain before I was able to renew it. It was all according to the plan of Allaah, so all praise and thanks are due to Him in every situation.

My new website is now at Please update your bookmarks and inform your family and friends. Jazaakumullaahu khayran!

I will be earnestly praying for you, you, you, yaa Saudiyyah, every moment, every. single. fleeting. moment. And when I meet you again, we’ll grip eachother so tightly that nothing and no one shall ever rent us apart, bi’idhnillaahi ta’aala. The very atoms of you and the very atoms of me – iron, calcium, phosphorus, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, so on, so forth…We’ll live in mosques and in scriptures, in Shaykh ‘Abbaad’s library and in the rising storm of Shaykh Rabee’s words and within the blue vaulted night that harbors Shaykh Fawzaan’s home. ♥

We’ll gaze at the multitudinous Arabian seas, visit salafee students who will tell us of the beautiful wisdoms tucked beneath the verses of our Lord and those encrypted in the narrations of our prophet (salallaahu ‘alayhe wasallam). But before I sail through the pulse of the rebounding ocean, I must ensure that the winds will blow only in the directions that the ship wishes. So, I will continue to implore the creator of all things beautiful. And I will keep in mind this: The Lord may not come when you call but He is always on time.

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