Questioner: If a person does Ghusl with the intention of Wudu – but he does not do Wudu, is that sufficient with no need for Wudhu?

Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen: If he does ghusl with the intention of wudhu, but he does not do wudhu, then that is not sufficient with no need for wudhu. Unless it is Ghusl from Janaabah (major impurity). If it is ghusl from Janaabah then it is okay. Ghusl is sufficient as having wudhu (with no need for wudhu). This is because Allaah said:

“If you are in a state of Janaabah (after a sexual discharge), purify yourselves (bathe your whole body) (Suraah Ma’idah: 6).

And He did not mention Wudhu. But if he does ghusl to cool off, or ghusl for jumu’aah (friday prayer) or (some other) ghusl that is mustahabb, then it is not sufficient. Because this kind of ghusl is not aimed at removing impurity.

So the basic principle is that if the ghusl is aimed at removing impurity – meaning, janaabah or menses in the case of a woman, then it is sufficient (with no need for wudhu). Otherwise it is not sufficient with no need for wudhu.

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